Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lighted bulb of idea

Alright i am going to publish the new generation, burst of brilliance, and space-time continuum shattering fact of mine!

Ever wondered why do we tend to fall asleep or even feel sleepy when caught in traffic jam? And contrary to the first fact we (myself) are more conscious and alert while driving on the highway.

From time to time we get to read feeds on idiots who suffocated to death while partying in the garage with a running car. That scenario can be applied to outside world, especially during traffic halt condition :) Therefore i would like to hypothesize that during jam we are breathing in the CO fumes from the cars in front, pumped in through the aircond unit.

It is highly plausible considering this solid fact that most cars on the road are more than 5 years old (some even 10 or 20) having inefficient fume converter system. Obviously old cars do not have any at all, the converter mesh network filters have valuable metals and precious transition metals in it.

How do you pals conclude my explanations, what say you?

Note: This is not an advertisement for hybrid cars nor affiliated to hybrid cars by any means.

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